City Design

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City Design

Course goals:

1. Inspire learners and help them to understand the basics of City Design.

2. Give the initial knowledge of how to design cities.

3. Make the learning process fun with video lessons.

The course starts with cases answering questions of why, how and where and depicting different cities. 

The second part of the course touches more practical study and shows how such games as The Settlers of Catan, Age of Empires, Star Craft, Heroes of Might and Magic, Clash of Clans, Angry Birds, Plants vs Zombies, various Tycoons, Battle City and others could be helpful in understanding main principles of City Design. Yes, here practical study means playing these games.

The third part of the course is dedicated to unreal cities (like the city in Monsters, Inc.) and how to make current cities better. Also there will be a place for ideas of future cities as space or underwater cities. Finally, the last part of the course describes how algorithms, programming (remember labyrinths in Inception movie?) and math logic ease the process of designing the city.




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